• Why would I need a RoadRing?

    One of the most dangerous and leading causes of cycling accidents is not being able to clearly indicate to other road users your turning intentions. RoadRing allows the user to clearly indicate their turning intentions to others making cycling safer.

  • Can anyone use RoadRing?

    RoadRing is designed to be fully adjustable and can be used by all ages and varying hand sizes. It can be activated in a number to ways and is easy to use. Refer to ‘How to Use Video’ for further instructions.

  • How do I activate RoadRing?

    A button underneath once pressed will flash 3 times showing that RoadRing is ready to use. Simply repeat the process to turn off when not in use. Refer to ‘How to Use Video’ for further instructions

  • Once activated how do I use RoadRing?

    Simply adjust the band to your finger size and align the trigger arm to the knuckle of the finger. By fully extending the hand out in a reaching motion it will activate the flashing mode. By repeating the action you will deactivate the flashing mode. Refer to ‘How to Use Video’ for further instructions.

  • Can I change the batteries?

    A single 3 volt button battery is used and by simply peeling back the outer rubber casting the battery is easily replaced. Refer to ‘How to Use Video’ for further instructions

  • Is RoadRing water resistant?

    RoadRing has been designed to be water resistant and can be used in any weather condition, but we don’t suggest you go swimming with it.

  • Can RoadRing be worn with gloves?

    With an adjustable band it allows you to use it with or without gloves.

  • Can it be used any time of the day?

    RoadRing can be used at all times of the day and night. During periods of bright sunshine the illumination will be reduced.